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Social Work Outside combines a relationship with the natural world and the pillars of the profession as a systemic solution to the environmental crisis via scholarship, training and practice.

Both on the micro and macro levels, a thoughtful combination of education and implementation of nature-informed interventions will have a twofold benefit: improving the wellness of each individual as they strengthen their relationship with the natural world, and improving the health of our planet as this individual care translates into action.

Zoe Jack, LCSW-C, has been a professional in the intersecting field of nature, mental health, and education for over a decade. She currently works as the Director of the Center for Nature Informed Therapy in Baltimore, MD. Zoe is Co-creator and Senior Faculty for the Nature Informed Therapy Training and Certification Program, the only nature-based training program approved for CEUs for social workers through the Association for Social Work Boards. Zoe is a licensed clinical social worker and practices psychotherapy in nature primarily with adolescents and adults. She is the author of Social Work Outside: Evidence Based, Micro and Macro Perspectives. Zoe believes in advocacy efforts that remove barriers to nature access and that increase the incorporation of nature into a social worker’s professional practice.

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