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There is a gap between the statements of national and international social work organizations about the climate crisis and knowledge of tools that everyday practitioners can use to make an impact. Close the gap and bring nature into your social work profession through scholarship, training, and practice.

Zoe Jack, LSCW-C

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Bringing Nature to Professional Social Work

Praise for Social Work Outside: Evidence Based, Micro and Macro Perspectives

“Zoe Jack unfurls the pioneering concepts and far-reaching possibilities of Nature Informed Therapy (NIT) in a fashion so engaging and accessible that even a novice will be able to easily integrate it into their clinical practice. As she convincingly illustrates, weaving science and nature into mental health treatment can result in profound psychobiological rebalancing, with the additional benefit of heightened environmental consciousness. Her concise explanations are a joy to read, and right on time for this newly recognized therapeutic intervention with important implications for environmental advocacy.”

Pam Stein, LCSW-C, Nature Informed Therapist

“Social Work Outside is the antidote to the complex welfare systems and scarce resources that often challenge our ability to improve community wellbeing. Zoe Jack not only explains how valuable nature is to our field, she proposes a framework for integrating this widely available resource into diverse settings at all levels of the helping profession. This book beautifully interweaves her expertise with interdisciplinary research, theory, and case studies to build a compelling argument for returning to our roots and moving social work outside. This is a must-read for social workers both seasoned and green.”

Krista Bajgier, LCSW-C., MEd, Founder of Outdoor Therapeutics

“Social Work Outside is a welcome addition to the social worker library. Expounding on one of the tenets of social work: “person in environment,” this book offers a holistic view that is enlightening and accessible. Providing a wider framework as well as assessment tools and interventions that can be directly applied, this book is an asset to any social worker regardless of placement or area of focus.”

Rebecca Baker, LCSW-C

“Zoe Jack has done it! Social Work Outside fills a current void in clinical social work literature, providing clinicians and activists with up-to-date research, considerations, and doable practices to help you to help your clients access a healing connection with nature.  In addition to presenting clinically sound tools for working with individuals and small groups in (and with) nature, the author taps into the roots of social work practice itself – exploring macro issues such as racial and economic justice, the nature gap, climate anxiety, and advocacy. I cannot recommend this book highly enough for the “eco-curious” clinician!”

Carin Kirikos, LCSW-C, Founder, Align Nature-Informed Counseling and Wellness

“Written with the social worker in mind, ‘Social Work Outside’ will also resonate deeply with anyone passionate about connecting mental health and nature.  The book is indispensable as a guide for nature-informed interventions.  It reconnects all of us to our relationship with nature, and the vital and timely role this symbiosis plays in our mental health.”

Rogers Belch, LCSW-C